Purchase a compatible printer for label printing in Benchling

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Benchling is currently compatible with printers that use Zebra Programming Language (ZPL). The platform can support any Zebra printer that uses "ZPL" or "ZPL and EPL", but there are printers made by other manufacturers that also support ZPL.

Printer compatibility requirements

For compatibility with Benchling's label printing capabilities, printers must:

  • Be ZPL compatible

  • Have Ethernet (Recommended) or USB connection

    • USB is supported but not recommended because of scalability

  • Use thermal transfer

Recommended printer

We recommend the ZD420 series. This printer series can support many connectivity options in the long term, but any printer that supports Zebra's Link-OS is acceptable.

Ultimately, choose the Zebra printer that best suits your lab and workflow.

Resources for finding a Zebra printer for your lab setup

These resources can help you determine the Zebra-brand printer your lab will need:

  • Card printers: print secure IDs, gift cards, financial cards, or personnel badges with single- or double-sided plastic card printing

  • Desktop printers: compact, simple to operate, reliable, and cost effective

  • Industrial printers: ideal for a wide variety of high- to mid-volume industrial applications in manufacturing, transportation, logistics, government, retail, and healthcare

  • Mobile printers: portable printing for a variety of barcode needs

  • RFID printers

To view all of Zebra's options, view Zebra's brochure or start with Zebra's printer selector.

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