Creating ZPL labels for printing

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You can upload ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) label template code into Benchling, which enables you to print labels with information about items in your tenant. You can design labels using a number of label design programs as long as the software can produce ZPL. We recommend Zebra Designer Pro (V3) as it’s free and provided by Zebra.

To print labels, visit Label printing basics.

Create a label template

To create labels for printing, you need to design your label in a third-party label management tool, then upload it to Benchling. When designing labels, you can use keywords that Benchling recognizes to pull in data related to the item on to the label. For steps on designing labels, visit Creating label templates using Zebra Designer.

Note: Zebra Designer Pro is not compatible with macOS. To run the Zebra Designer software on a Mac, you need an emulator, like a virtual box, PaperSpace, or another program that generates ZPL files.

Upload your label to Benchling

After your ZPL-formatted label is complete, upload it to Benchling:

  1. Click your avatar in the bottom-left corner.

  2. Under Feature Settings, click Registry Settings.

  3. Select Label Printing in the left-side menu, then click Create Label Template.

  4. Enter the label template name and the ZPL for your label.

  5. Click Create.


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