Set your organization's folder structure [Academics and Startups]

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Why does folder structure matter?

Folders are nested within projects. They provide an additional level of organization for notebook entries and inventory. When desired, folders can be nested within a folder.

Projects and folders together allow you to structure your organization's data in an intuitive, helpful way.

We recommend using either of the following frameworks to design your folder structure:

Structured by lab member

Use  scientists work independently and generate unique data, keeping in mind that the data will still be accessible to anyone who has access to the project.

Structured by group or function

Use this framework if multiple scientists contribute to key topics within each project.

Keep these pro tips from Customer Success in mind

  1. Use projects and folders to intuitively lead employees to the right information.

  2. Minimize the number of nested folders (folders within folders within projects).

  3. Think ahead to avoid the overhead of creating new folders or redesigning your project structure.

  4. Clearly explain your chosen project and folder structure to all Benchling users in your lab or team.

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