Create equations for Results tables in an entry template

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In order to add equations to your configured results table, you must first create an entry template as a part of your Template collection. 

Click on the cell you wish to add an equation to. Use the built-in Benchling formulas to create your custom equations. You can also add rows if you will have formulas that calculate over multiple rows.

In this example, we want to take the average of the first 3 readings:

Note: You can combine equations as needed. For example, if you wanted to calculate the range you can write the equation =Max()-Min()

Once the equation and entry template is complete, you can now create a new entry from that template. The entry will already have the result table within the entry. 

Once results have been inputted, they will be stored against the entity and can be seen in the Results tab of the Registry

Add the current Datetime to Results tables

If you need to capture a specific timepoint when you captured a result, you can add the current time into a date-time field of a result table by following the steps below.

  • Navigate to your Results table

  • Click the cell where you want to input your time

  • Click on the 'clock' icon to insert the current time

Note: You can edit the datetime value after input



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