Use Lookup fields in Registration tables

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Note: We're continually improving the Benchling platform to ensure it keeps up with our customers' needs. As of October 29, 2021, we replaced Results tables with an updated version. If you are currently using this version of Results tables and want to learn more, contact your organization's Benchling admin or Customer Success representative. If you are new to Results tables, visit Using Results tables.

In workflows, you can use a lookup field as a selectable formula that allows you to  "look up" fields or data from your input samples into a registration table. 

This allows you to conveniently input parameters from your input tables into your registration table - without having to type these values manually.

Clicking on LOOKUPFIELD will bring you to the lookup field UI:

Lookup fields pull:

  • Entity IDs from your input table

  • Results fields from samples in your Inputs table (you must indicate a single Sample schema)

  • Registry fields from samples in your Inputs table (you must indicate a single Sample schema)

Note: The Lookup fields pull data from the samples based on the stage-runs associated with these input samples.

Sample use-cases

Use a lookup table in a workflow to:

  • Automatically insert the entities from a workflow or request input table when registering new entities

  • Automatically fill a parent entity of a new child entity (e.g. a parent cell line field)

Refreshing Lookup fields

Copying and pasting lookup fields across cells is supported, but you must refresh your result table in order for the formula to calculate correctly.  

Note: You will know to do this if your lookup fields are showing up as #N/A rather than their correct value.

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