Configuring the Zebra Browser Print application

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Zebra Browser Print is a desktop application that allows the web browser to find printers on your local network. This enables barcode printing from Benchling to computers on the same network as printers without needing to configure your firewall to allow outside traffic. 

Download and install the Zebra Browser Print application

Before setting up the application, confirm there is an established connection between your computer and printer on the same network, then download the Zebra Browser Print application.

Note: These steps are for Chrome. If you're experiencing issues and using a different browser, contact Benchling Support.

After the download completes:

  1. Open the Zebra Browser Print app.

  2. Click OK in the pop-up window to accept the security certificate.

  3. A "Your connection is not private" message displays. Allow the connection between the web browser and the app on your local network:

    1. Click Advanced in the bottom-left corner of the message.

    2. Click Proceed to localhost, then click Yes in the Select an Option pop-up window. If you're using Chrome OS X, click anywhere on the page and type thisisunsafe.

The Zebra Browser Print application should now display on your computer's toolbar.


Set your printing method in Benchling

Specify you wish to use Zebra Browser Print as your printing method:

  1. Go to your Label Printing Settings (User icon > Feature Settings > Label Printing Settings)
  2. Click the pencil icon under Print method.
  3. Select Zebra Browser Print and click ✓ to save.



Find and configure printers

To find and configure printers:

  1. Click the Zebra icon in your toolbar and select Settings.

  2. Check both Broadcast Search and Driver Search at the bottom of the window.

  3. Click Change to prompt a device search.

  4. Select your device in the pop-up window and click Set.

To print labels, ensure the Zebra Browser Print application is open and running on your computer, then open the container in Benchling and print a label. Your printers should display in the drop-down menu.

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