Mixture prep tables in Notebook Entries

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Mixture prep tables allow you to create mixture preps directly within your notebook entry. For more context on Mixtures, check out What are mixtures?.

Each mixture prep table corresponds to a single mixture prep made from a single parent recipe.

Add a mixture prep table to your notebook entry

Adding a mixture prep table to your entry can be done via the “Insert” menu on the formatting panel.

Next, you will be prompted to choose your Mixture prep schema from the dropdown menu. In order for a schema to be used in a Mixture prep table, it must have "Allow measured ingredients" checked on the recipe schema and have a parent link mixture field.

After choosing your Mixture prep schema and confirming your naming settings, click Insert.

Registering mixture preps in the table

Start the registration process by typing in the name of the Parent Mixture in the parent field. Ingredients from the Parent Mixture will automatically fill the table.

[video-to-gif output image]

After filling out the necessary Ingredient or Schema fields, select Submit to register your mixture prep. The Entity field in the top left will update to have a link to your new mixture prep and the Submit button will be greyed out to indicate that the mixture prep entity matches the information in the table.

Modifying data after registration

Just like with the existing registration table, you can modify values of fields in the Ingredients or schema fields and re-submit to update the values in the registry. This allows you to correct mistakes or update mixture preps with newer information.

[video-to-gif output image]

Find the entry where a mixture prep was registered

The mixture prep table will create a link to the entry in the relevant items section of the mixture prep.

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