Navigating a Worklist

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Worklists are a powerful feature in Benchling that can allow cross application communication and transfer of key data between users.
Once you’ve added items from your Benchling into a Worklist there are useful navigation tips to structure and organize your data.

Searching in a Worklist

Searching in a Worklist is very similar to other applications in Benchling. Use the type filter to narrow down a schema and use the “Filters” dropdown to select through a variety of filter options:

Sorting a Worklist

By default, Benchling will sort your worklist by the order in which they were added to the worklist. That viewing order can be changed by individual or singular columns in the table.
To sort by a singular column there are 2 potential methods:

  • Click on the column you wish to sort by (only certain column types are sortable) OR

  • Click on the “Sorting” and select the column that you’d like to sort by

Benchling also allows you to sort multiple columns at the same time:

  1. Click on the “Sorting” option

  2. Add a column that you want to sort by

  3. Select the “sort field” option again to add an additional field

Re-order and save a Worklist

Worklist ordering can be important to ensure that workflow ordering is maintained. Click on the gear icon for a Worklist to manually re-order and save a Worklist:

Delete an item from a Worklist

To ensure that your Worklist contains a fully updated list, be sure to remove any items that are no longer needed. Select the item(s) that need to be removed and click on the trashcan icon to remove that item:


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