Configuring computed fields

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Use computed fields to compute values based on other values in your Benchling tenant.

To learn more about what computed fields are and what they’re used for, visit Computed fields basics. For a comprehensive list of configurable computed fields, visit Computed field types.

Configure snapshot fields

You can configure a snapshot field to look up data from anything that is linked to inventory or registry items. To configure a snapshot field on a result or workflow schema:

  1. Click + next to Result fields.

  2. In the new field at the bottom of the table, enter the field title, then select Computed field (snapshot) from the drop-down menu on the right side.

  3. In the Configure lookup modal, select the lookup object from the Start from drop-down menu and applicable item from the Linked item section.

  4. (Optional) Click + Add lookup step to traverse more steps to hoist data. For example, container → antibody lot → parent antibody.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. Select the Lookup attribute, then click Insert.

Request computed field configuration

At this time, computed fields can only be configured by Benchling Support. Registry admins can request a computed field through the in-app support chat or When requesting a computed field, include the:

  • Schema to add the computed field to

  • Unique name of the new computed field

  • Computed field type

  • Lineage of information, if data is to be pulled from other schemas through existing entity links. Diagrams are welcome.

Computed fields can only be created new and cannot be modified. If modification is needed, the existing field can be archived and a new one created in its place.

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