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Benchling has two levels you can use to group people together: organizations and teams. You will likely have one organization for the whole company, and we recommend you segment users within the company into teams. We recommend that you create teams based on groups or functions. 

Create a team

To create a team within your organization, open your organization settings. Click on the Teams tab. There, you'll see any teams that have already been created.

To create a new team, click Create Team.

Add members to your team

After creating your team, click on the Members tab in the Team Settings view. In the box on the top right, search for a user to add to your team, then click Add Member.

Set permissions for your team members

Within your team, individual members can either serve as Admins or Members. These permissions can be set on the Members tab. Under role, select Member or Admin from the drop down. 

We recommend that you give team leads and program managers the Admin role and give other members the Member role.

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