Use lookup fields in result tables

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Note: This help article references a prior version of our Results table product feature.

A lookup field is a selectable formula that allows you to pull, or "look up", fields or data from the sample in the Sample column of your result table.  This allows you to conveniently view information about your sample while you are running your experiment, without having to leave your entry.

Clicking on LOOKUPFIELD will bring you to the lookup field UI:


Lookup fields allow you to pull:

  • Results Fields from your sample (e.g. Cell Count on your sample)

  • Registry Fields from your sample (e.g. Species from your sample)

  • Sample ID (e.g. my Inserted Plasmid ID in my sample)

from the sample in the Sample ID column of your result table.


I want to run a Cell Count, and I am recording the Count, Volume (mL, and Viability). Each cell line is associated with a certain plasmid, and I want to ask myself what the effect of an inserted Gene can have on my viability.  I can accomplish this by creating a custom column, then inserting a lookup field to pull the Inserted Gene field from the Plasmid in my Cell Schema.


Refreshing lookup fields

Copying and pasting lookup fields across cells is supported, but you must refresh your result table in order for the formula to calculate correctly.  You will know to do this if your lookup fields are showing up as #N/A rather than their correct value!


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