Managing template collection permissions

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Permissions for entry templates are determined by its template collection. This means all templates within a template collection share the same access permissions.

Edit template collection permissions

Collaborators and their permissions can be set when a template collection is created or by a user with Admin permissions on the collection.

To edit the collaborators on an existing template collection:

  1. In Feature Settings, click Template Collections.

  2. Click the template collection you’re changing permissions on.

  3. Click the gear icon in the top-right corner.

    • If this icon doesn’t display, contact your organization admin.

  4. In the Manage collaborators section of the pop-up window, you can add or remove collaborators and update collaborator permissions.

  5. Click Save.

Template collection permission levels

Use the table below to determine and set permissions levels for collaborators on template collections.

Collaborator action None Read Write Admin
View the template collection and its templates N/A
Create entries from templates in the collection N/A
Add sub-templates in the collection to an entry N/A
Edit templates in the collection N/A N/A
Create new templates in the collection N/A N/A
Manage collection permissions N/A N/A N/A

Note: It’s not possible to set None permissions for individual users.

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