Configure a new Request schema

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To configure Requests, you will need to go to your Request Schemas within your feature settings:

Request / Task Configuration Must-Knows

Configuration of Requests and Tasks are currently done completely using JSON configuration. 

JSON Configuration

Request Configuration currently compose of four parts, which are:

  1. Fields

  2. ID Prefix (Essentially Registry ID for Requests)

  3. [Optional] Insertable Tasks (inputted by task ID, comma separated) If you insert tasks, you MUST insert (4) Samples

  4. [Optional] Insertable Samples (entity or specific schemas)

Example: a blank request schema:
    "fields": [],
    "idPrefix": "ABC",
    "taskSchemas": [],
    "samplesSchema": []

Task Configuration composes of only fields, and in many cases - there are no fields at all since tasks are sometimes used for their names only.

Example: a blank task schema:

    "fields": []

Tasks are configured into requests via their API ID: which is the ID in their URL on the schema configuration page.

Therefore, if the Task Schema is, the task API ID is reqtsksch_v5Z12345.

Request Schema Example

This request below:

Comes from this JSON configuration:

    "fields": [
            "isMulti": false,
            "type": "text",
            "displayName": "Comments",
            "name": "foo",
            "isRequired": false
            "dropdownId": "sfs_x6BFYrLd",
            "displayName": "Project",
            "name": "project",
            "isMulti": false,
            "isRequired": false,
            "type": "dropdown",
            "options": [
                " Frontotemporal Dementia",
                "Diffuse Lewy Body Disease"
    "idPrefix": "bar",
    "taskSchemas": [
    "samplesSchema": [
            "isMulti": false,
            "isRequired": false,
            "type": "entity_link",
            "name": "Sample"

Other Request Schema Considerations

  • Request and Task schemas can not be deleted, only archived

  • Request and Task fields can not be deleted once data is in the Request

  • Request and Task fields can be archived

  • Request and Task schemas can only be created and edited by an organizational or tenant admin

  • Dropdown fields need to be added using instructions in this link

  • Requests derive their permissions from the project they are placed in

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