Technical Release Notes: January 8th, 2020

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Single Sign-On (SSO) for Institutions 

Benchling sign-up and sign-in now supports SSO use by Institutions. After entering an institutional email, users will be redirected to their institution’s SSO provider, if applicable, or through the original sign-up and sign-in page. 

Analyze a translation in both the forward and reverse orientations

Compare the biochemical properties of a translation in the forward and reverse direction. When viewing a DNA sequence, create a translation overlay over your region of interest. Right-click on the translation, then select Analyze Translation, which will display a Biochemical Properties tab. From there, you can toggle between the Forward and Reverse orientation at the top of the page for easy comparison.

Update Registry ID’s in the Benchling API

Replace the Registry IDs of existing registered entities with custom IDs using the Benchling API. Learn more about this feature by visiting the following links:

Bulk registration endpoint with retry logic

At times, two simultaneous registration attempts within the same registry can return an error response. The new API endpoint consists of built in retry logic that will now automatically retry the registration task up to 3 times, before alerting the user to wait for one registration process to finish before proceeding.

Improved performance of re-ordering schema fields

With improvements made to the schema editing page, re-ordering and archiving schema fields will now save more quickly.

Rename existing worklists

Worklist names can now be edited in the UI. Select the gear icon next to the worklist name, then click Edit worklist. 

Integrating worklists with the Check-in/Check-out feature

Simultaneously create or add items to an existing worklist when checking out or reserving containers. Toggle between either option, shown below, in the Check-out/Reserve modal.

Archiving checked out or reserved containers

We added a notification when attempting to archive checked-out or reserved containers. Before proceeding to archive containers, the reserved state will be displayed in orange text next to the selected container.


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