Hardware recommendations

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Desktop PCs & Laptops

Windows compatible PCs or Laptops

Benchling is supported on both laptops and desktop PCs running Windows 10 or later.

Apple Mac

Benchling is supported on Apple Mac devices, we recommend running Benchling on the latest version of Mac OS.


Mobile Devices

Benchling does not do any validation or testing on mobile devices for any new Benchling updates. We therefore cannot guarantee performance or support for mobile devices. The following is what we have seen work in the past for customers:

Windows compatible devices

Lenovo Yoga, HP EliteBook and Surface Pro devices running Windows 10 or later are popular with some of our customers. Their portability, use of Windows 10 and the additional option to use a built in or external keyboard makes them useful in the lab.

iOS compatible devices

Generally iPads run Benchling well, however there are occasional issues with some features such as dragging down on a table to add rows. The touchscreen element can make it difficult to do precise actions within Benchling.

Using an iPhone to access Benchling can be challenging as the smaller display size makes it difficult to manipulate features such as registration and transfer tables.

Android compatible devices

We do not currently have any recommendations for Android devices.


Common questions

Is there a Benchling mobile app?

Currently there is no Benchling mobile app. To use Benchling on a mobile device you must run Benchling through a browser.

For information on the browsers we support please visit here.

Are there any plans for a Benchling app?

We are constantly looking at ways to improve Benchling's usability across devices. We however currently have no plans to release a Benchling mobile app.

What are the recommendations for label printers?

For more information on label printer recommendations please visit here.


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