Generating reverse complements for .ab1 files

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Reverse complement a sequence

To generate a reverse complement and replace the sequence:

  1. Import the .ab1 file as a sequence to create an alignment that includes the trace data.

  2. In the Sequence Map of the imported sequence, press CTRL + A (+ A on Mac) to select all the bases.

  3. Right click the selection. Under Copy Special, click Reverse Complement.

  4. In the Copy Special modal, click in the Reverse Complement box to copy it to your clipboard, then exit the modal.

  5. In the Sequence Map, press CTRL + V ( + V on Mac) to replace the sequence with its reverse complement.

Adjust parameters and realign

Visualize the reverse complement while maintaining the trace profile by adjusting parameters and realigning.

  1. In the right-side navigation bar, click Alignments, then click the saved alignment.

  2. Click Realign in the top-left corner.

  3. In the modal, click Adjust Params and set Adjust Direction to Yes (slower), then click Realign.

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