Use worklists to scan barcodes

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Worklists make it easy to scan containers into Benchling. To open the barcode scanner, navigate to worklists by clicking on the Home icon > "Recent Worklists": 


Click on the barcode scanning icon:

Scan or paste your barcodes in:

Once you're done you can add them to an existing worklist or create a new one.

What barcode scanners are compatible?

Any barcode scanner should work as long as it can be configured to have a CARRIAGE RETURN after each scan. Although each scanner's setup is different, almost all of them should support this configuration.

In the manual for your scanner, look for a setting related to adding enter or a new line after each scan. Other models may call extra input at the end of the scan the "suffix", and have an option to make enter/return the suffix. Please reach out to the scanner's manufacturer for any questions about this configuration.


You can test that your scanner is configured correctly by scanning into an empty word document. You should see that the cursor moves down to the next line (just like hitting enter/return) after each scan.

How many barcodes can I scan into a worklist at once?

Up to 100 container barcodes can be scanned into a worklist at one time. Any container barcode past the 100th barcode will display a "Not Found" error and will have to be scanned in separately. Please also note that each worklist can contain up to 500 items total.

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