Configure Permissions for Requests

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What are the permissions that can be set for Requests in the Access Policies?

The Permissions that can be set for requests are:

  • View: User can see requests within this project

  • Create: User can create requests within this project

  • Edit: User can edit existing requests within this project

  • Execute: User can fulfill existing requests within this project

To configure a policy that allows creating new requests in a project and fulfilling existing requests in a project but does not allow modifying created requests, you would set Create and Execute to Granted and set Edit to Not Granted.

To learn more about configuring access policies, please visit this tutorial.

How do I apply the access policies to a request?

Requests inherit their permissions from the project they are assigned to. Navigate to the project settings of the project for which you would like to apply your access policies.

Under Collaborators, use the corresponding dropdown menu to update the Permissions policy assigned to a specific collaborator. Click Save when you're done.

Actions taken by collaborators on requests in this project will now be limited by the collaborator's permissions policy.

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