Add an entity to a container

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Before moving on please ensure that the Containable Type for your entity schema is set to Entity.


Select your Avatar in the bottom left corner > Feature Settings > Registry Settings > Entity Schemas > Pick the applicable Entity Schema. Scroll to the bottom of this page and toggle Containable Type to Entity.


Transfer an entity into an existing container

From the page of the entity that will be transferred into a container, select the Inventory tab and click the blue tube icon, this will open a menu.


Search for the container you want to store this entity within, you can either search specifically for the container or for the plate/box the container is stored within. When searching for a box/plate you will prompted to pick the specific container within the box/plate you want to use. Now click Next to access the next menu.


Here you can designate the quantity and concentration of the entity you want store in a container, ensure you also select the correct units. If the recording of concentration or quantity is not needed then select Done without filling out any fields.


Create a new container for an entity

Begin by clicking the blue + icon next to the Container section on the storage page of the entity, this will pull up a menu with the following fields:


Barcodes - These are like Registry IDs, but for Inventory Schemas. These can be autogenerated or custom.


Schema - Select the container schema required


Container Name - Name the the container


Contents: This shows the contents of your container. This will auto-populate with your sample.


Location: Select a box, plate, or other location that you wish to place the container. Note that you are able to dig within your location hierarchy to get to your box/plate or you can search by barcode or name.


Select one or multiple available positions. Circles designate existing containers, and green circles designate that the container contains an entity (i.e. isn't empty).


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