Exporting and downloading audit logs

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Audit logs are documents containing the histories of objects, like entries, entities, tables, insights, etc., and include all the information necessary to understand how the object has changed over time. You can download audit logs as .csv or .pdf files. To customize audit log exports, visit Configuring audit logs.

Note: Audit logs are only available to tenants on Enterprise or Industry plans.

Export and download an audit log

You can view the history of an object by exporting its audit log. 

To export an audit log:

  1. In the expanded view, select the entities or entries you want to audit.

  2. Click Export, then click Export Audit Logs.

  3. In the drop-down menu, select the audit log format. You can choose to export the file as a .csv or .pdf.

  4. Click Export to generate an audit log, including archive information.

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