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What is an Entry Schema? 

The Benchling Entry Schema helps organizations tag specific metadata associated with entries across experiments, project, and groups. Researchers can fill out the Entry Schema fields which can then be queried upon in the Benchling Search. Once Entry Schemas have been configured for an account, they can be used across all Notebook Entries. 

How to select a Notebook schema for an Entry

  1. Once you have selected your Notebook entry, click on the Metadata tab.

  2. Under the Schema section, click on the dropdown to find the correct Entry schema.

  3. Select Edit to fill out the field information. Keep in mind that some fields may be required to complete.

  4. Select Done to publish the Entry field values.

How to select a Notebook Schema for an Entry Template

Using a Benchling Template, you can pre-populate an Entry Schema within an Entry Template. You can also pre-populate Entry Field values to save additional time during data entry. Selecting an Entry Schema in an Entry Template will mean that every entry that is created from that template will already have that information filled out. 

  1. While looking in your Template Collection, navigate to the Entry Template you want to add an Entry Schema to.

  2. Click on the Metadata tab.

  3. Underneath the Schema section, click on the dropdown to find the correct Entry schema.

  4. if applicable, select Edit to fill out some/or all of the field data.

Example: In the below GIF, all entries created from this template will have the Entry Schema Demo and 2 (for the Project Field Value)


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