Searching your inventory and managing samples

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You can search your organization’s inventory for containers, boxes, plates, locations, and samples based on a variety of attributes.

For an introduction to searching in Benchling, visit Searching your Benchling data and Applying search filters and saved searches.

Apply custom filters to inventory searches

To apply custom filters to an inventory search:

  1. Click the Inventory icon in the left-side panel.

  2. Click Filters.

  3. Click + Add filters and select an option from the left-side drop-down menu. You can filter by:

    • Container

    • Container contents

    • Box

    • Check-out

The table below lists each filter and what to use it for.

Search filter

Use it to search for…


Containers by filtering for specific fields on the container, like container name, creator, or date created. If metadata fields are configured on the container, you can select Field, then select the metadata field of interest.

Container contents

Containers based on the entities or entity types that are contained inside them using the Contents filter to specify one or more entities. You can then search for items that have one of, all of, or none of the defined entities, and take action on samples individually or in bulk.


Filled or empty containers and positions.


Containers that are checked in or out, or assigned to specific users.

Take action on samples

After performing a search for specific entities or entity types, you can take actions on samples individually or in bulk in the expanded search panel.

To take action on samples:

  1. Select each applicable entity.

  2. Click a link in the Inventory column for any of the selected entities to display a list of containers containing entity samples. Results are grouped by entity and display aggregate values, like total volume.

  3. Expand each group and select the samples to take action on.

  4. Click the icon in the top-right corner that corresponds to your action:

    • Adding them to a worklist

    • Using them in a workflow

    • Requesting the creation of new samples

Note: At this time, it’s only possible to group samples by container contents in the Inventory view.

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