Technical Release Notes: January 17th, 2020

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Require Comments to Retract Notebook Entries

Benchling now requires comments to be recorded to retract approved Notebook entries. This new feature ensures an informative audit log is produced for every retracted Notebook entry. If a user attempts to retract an entry without submitting comments, the error message "Please enter a comment to retract" will persist and not allow users to retract the entry until comments are added.


AND and OR Functions Added to Tables

The functions “AND” and “OR” are now available for use in tables. Use these functions to test for multiple conditions similar to Excel. These functions can be found in the functions dropdown on the table toolbar, as shown below.


Update Run Schema Fields Using the API

Benchling now supports updating Run schema fields by using the API via “PATCH /assay-runs/<run_id>”. The run_id refers to the ID of the run that will be updated. This endpoint takes in fields, if specified, and replaces those field values with new values. Learn more about runs here.

Repeat Bulk Assembly Runs

The Benchling Molecular Biology suite now supports the option to repeat Bulk Assemblies. Take advantage of this new feature right after completing a Bulk Assembly. Note: You will not be able to repeat a Bulk Assembly after you exit the Bulk Assembly tool. 

Learn more about our Bulk Assembly tool here.

Updated Project Filters for Better Organization

Benchling now allows users to filter Projects by three new options: ‘My projects’, ‘Shared with me’ and ‘Starred projects’. 

  1. ‘My projects’ filters for Projects where you are the owner

  2. ‘Shared with me’ filters by Projects that have been shared with you as an individual collaborator

  3. ‘Starred projects’ filters by Projects you have starred

Navigate to the Project application and toggle between the different options to access the complete list of Project filters.  

Note: ‘My projects’, ‘Shared with me’ and ‘Starred projects’ filters will only be present if Projects exist within these filters. These filters will not be present if no Projects are in those categories.

Improved Navigation of the Tenant Admin Console

Tenant administrators can now more easily navigate back to the Tenant Admin Console from the org-dashboard or team-dashboard page via breadcrumb navigation at the top of the page.

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