What are mixtures?

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Mixtures are solutions comprised of multiple ingredients where the exact quantities of each ingredient are important to track.

Mixtures can be recipes or preps. A recipe is a template specifying the composition of a mixture and how to make it (what ingredients, from what vendor, and exactly how much to use). A prep is a mixture child entity physically created in the lab based on a parent recipe, where a scientist should record the exact quantities of each ingredient used.

Mixture Data in Benchling

Mixtures contain two types of data: Mixture data and Schema fields. Schema fields can be defined for Mixtures, just like for any other schema. Mixture data is unique to the mixture entity type.

The Mixture data field options are:

  • Component (any registered entity)

  • Catalog # (text field)

  • Target Amount

  • Units (g, mL, mg, uL)

Additionally, the Ingredients Specified dropdown menu allows you to set ingredients to per 1 L, 1 mL, 1 kg, 1 g. This is reflected in the ingredient units.

Registering a mixture

Mixtures can be registered directly from the Registry using the Create (+) icon or from a Project.

Adding ingredients to a mixture

To add ingredients to a Mixture, navigate to the Metadata tab of your mixture. In the Ingredients table, click on the "+" icon by Component. Use the Search box under Component to add registered components, one per row. When complete, select "Done".

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