Import mixture ingredients in bulk

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Adding ingredients to mixtures can be cumbersome for large amounts of mixtures. For this use case, you should bulk import your ingredients from a spreadsheet.

Set up your spreadsheet

Create an Excel spreadsheet for your Mixtures with the following columns:

  • Mixture Name (mixtures must be existing registered entities)

  • Component Name (components must be existing registered entities)

  • Catalog #

  • Amount

  • Units (units must match allowable units for your schema)

Note: You can upload ingredients to multiple mixtures in one upload by adding extra rows for your additional mixtures.

Import your spreadsheet

Now you're ready to import your spreadsheet. To import mixture ingredients, select the registry button (9 dots) from the left navigation panel. Then, click Import Mixture Ingredients.

[video-to-gif output image]

In the new window, select the Project or Folder that you'd like to import the Mixture to. By default, your import location will be the Registry. Click Next when complete.

You can choose to import from Spreadsheet or Raw Text in the dropdown menu. Choosing spreadsheet will allow you to drag and drop your Excel file, while choosing Raw Text will allow you to copy and paste your entire spreadsheet (including headers). Then click Next.

[video-to-gif output image]

The importer will parse through your sheet and compare your column headers to the Ingredient fields. Ensure that your column names match their column types.

Once everything matches, click Next. Benchling will check for any errors. If no errors are detected, click Import to import your ingredients into your Mixtures.

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