Applying search filters and saving searches

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Narrow your searches by applying built-in or custom filters and saving searches you use often.

To search data globally or in specific applications, visit Searching your Benchling data.

Quick filters

Quick filters apply filters that are commonly used in a specific application. They display by the search bar in both global search and application-specific searches. You can apply a quick filter by clicking it and selecting the parameter from the drop-down menu.

When searching within applications, you can apply quick filters specific to that application. The quick filters in each application are:

  • Projects: Project, Active

  • Registry: Type

  • Inventory: Type, Barcode

  • Workflows: Template, Author, Status

  • Requests: Type, Task

  • Insights: Project

In global search, you can filter results by type, or search within a folder by clicking Type or Folders and selecting the filter from the drop-down menu.

Custom filters

You can apply custom filters to narrow your search for specific parameters, like for individual DNA or AA sequences and even specific nucleotide strings.

To apply a custom filter:

  1. Click Filters, then click Add filters.

  2. Click the Name drop-down menu and select the filter type.

  3. Click the right-side drop-down menu and select the filter parameter. The parameters listed in this menu depend on the filter type selected in step 2.

  4. Click Apply. To add multiple filters to your search, repeat these steps.

Save searches

To save a search for later use, click Save next to the search bar in the expanded dashboard.

To access and share saved searches, visit Applying, editing, and sharing saved searches.


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