Set Review Criteria for Notebook Entries [Enterprise]

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What is review criteria?

Benchling Review Criteria can be built into notebook templates or an individual notebook entry to further organize and standardize your Review and Witness process. It allows you set distinct criteria to streamline auditing process for a notebook entry. We recommend creating the criteria in Templates rather than in each individual entry.

Note: If you do not see review criteria, please contact Benchling support to have this feature turned on for you. 


Set criteria on templates

  1. Navigate to the template of interest and toggle to the Review tab

  2. Click on the blue plus icon next to Review Criteria Groups. This will add a new group section that will allow to categorize the requirements.

  3. Fill the criteria group name and click on the blue plus icon next to Criteria

  4. Click Done to complete.

Review criteria on a notebook entry

  1. Navigate to the Review tab of a notebook entry that was sent for review.

  2. Select pass or fail for each of the pre-populated criteria

  3. Click on Accept, or Reject to approve or reject that notebook entry

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