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Once you have created a label using Zebra Designer Pro and have created the label template in Benchling, you can create a visual preview of the label.

This feature uses a 3rd party software,, to generate the preview of the label and is therefore not turned on by default. To generate the preview, your raw ZPL label template code as you see it in Benchling will be shared with This includes the hardcoded text and benchling object names (like benchling.container.barcode) in the ZPL code, but not the actual data with which these Benchling object names are replaced when you print the barcode for a specific container or entity. This feature should thus not be used if you have any sensitive information hardcoded in the ZPL label template.

Please contact your Benchling representative to have this feature enabled.

  1. Navigate to the Registry settings and click on “Label Printing”



  2. Click on “Label Templates” tab and select a label template



  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “ Refresh Preview”



  4. You can view the preview of the label template next to the ZPL template under “Preview”

Note: Contact Benchling Support if you wish to enable the “Refresh Preview” functionality. 


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