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As tasks move through status changes and assigned users, Workflows sends automatic email notifications to relevant roles. This guide describes notification triggers and recipients, as well as how to customize your notifications.

Notification triggers and recipients

Use the tables below to understand what events trigger notifications and which roles are notified. When you take an action, you will not receive a notification, even if you are in these roles. The previous assignee will not receive a notification if the assignee is changed. 

Customize notification recipients

If you have Write permissions on a task group project, you can add watchers to ensure the right people are notified when important actions are taken.

To edit task group watchers:

  1. In the workflow, click the Metadata tab.

  2. Hover under the Watchers field and click the pencil icon.

  3. Enter a user and select their name from the list. To remove a user, click the X next to their name.

  4. Click ✔ to save.

Note: The task group creator is automatically set as a watcher.

The responsible team is assigned when the task schema is created and cannot be updated. To learn more, visit Configuring task schemas.

For flowchart tasks, click Propagate watchers to notify watchers when all tasks in a workflow are completed.

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