Configuring workflow execution templates

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If your task schema is using the Entry execution type, you need to configure a paired notebook entry template, called an execution template. Users are required to use this template when completing tasks created for its associated task schema. This article details how to create execution templates, how to execute template tables, and how to add table columns to execution template tables. 

Create an execution template

Execution templates are created when configuring your task schemas. To create an execution template:

  1. On the Create Task Schema page, click Configure under Execution template.

  2. Enter the template name and select an existing template collection to add your template to.

  3. Click Create. The template will be read-only until the workflows schema is created.

You can edit an execution template after its workflow schema is created, but you cannot delete execution templates. To edit an execution template, click the template name in the schema or select it from your Feature Settings.

Execution template tables

By default, an execution template has a Tasks table, and an Outputs table if your schema has outputs. It’s not possible to delete these tables, and they do not support default values or formulas. The table below lists the columns included in each table.

Add table columns

If you add new tasks or output fields to the workflows schema after the template is created, you can add the columns to the appropriate table:

  1. Right-click the table column.

  2. Select Insert column left/right.

  3. Select the column.


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