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Make fast and informed decisions from your Benchling data with Insights. Insights is a query editor and data visualization tool for advanced analytics that is seamlessly integrated with all applications. Insights enables you to create dashboards and collaborate around the high quality, structured data in Benchling’s data warehouse. Use this article to learn about general Insights capabilities, limitations, and how to enable Insights on your tenant. 

Note: Insights is only available to tenants on Enterprise or Industry plans.

Watch a video

For additional context on the value Insights can bring your organization and how to get started, watch this webinar.


With Insights, you can:

  • Address questions unique to your scientific workflow using the built-in query editor for advanced analytics

  • Build collaborative dashboards and reports to share key scientific, operational, and administrative metrics

  • Export your data to analyze in external statistical software

  • Run linear and logistic regressions

  • Visualize your queries in tables, bar charts, line charts, scatter plots, and heat maps

Familiarity with Structured Query Language (SQL) is required to get the most out of Insights. For an introduction to SQL and query examples commonly used with Benchling, visit SQL basics video series.


Insights currently does not support:

  • Advanced statistics

  • Editing data in the warehouse

  • Importing and analyzing external data

Getting started

To enable Insights for your organization, contact your CX representative and account manager. Together you will discuss:

  • If Insights can help with your unique needs

  • Your data configuration

  • Dashboards you would like to create


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