Release Notes: Volume 4, 2024

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Welcome to the 4th volume of our 2024 product release notes! We’ve been working hard to bring you performance improvements that add value to your work. Read on to learn about the product enhancements and bug fixes released in April and May 2024.


Benchling Notebook helps users log their experiments, create protocols, and capture results against their samples.

Enhanced table mapping sources [2024.4.N.1]

Users can now use Lookup tables as a source for table mapping. If a table is designated as a source, a Submit button displays.

Lockable tables in templates [2024.4.N.2]

Users can now lock tables in templates to prevent row additions in entries. Users can still populate existing rows using all existing methods, like adding from structured tables, copy/pasting, etc. 

Molecular Biology

Benchling’s Molecular Biology is a cutting-edge in silico design tool that supports the latest scientific workflows.

Auto-rotation in DNA alignments  [2024.4.MB.1]

Users no longer need to manually reindex plasmid templates. Alignments now automatically rotate reads and templates when aligning against circular DNA sequences.

Registry and Inventory

The Registry and Inventory combine to form an extremely powerful solution for life sciences R&D samples. The Registry can be used to model and log any biological entities while the Inventory provides an interactive digital window into the physical storage system of your lab.

Scan to move containers into a box or plate [2024.4.RI.1]

Users can now scan containers into their next position within a box or matrix plate grid. After submitting, containers move from their previous destination to their new destination position within the grid.

Access Management

Access Management is the way customers control who is able to access which resources, and includes things like project permissions, access policies, and admin roles.

Updated access policies [2024.4.AM.1]

Users can now manage collaborators and edit project settings separately. The access policy "Edit project settings & manage collaborators" has been divided into two new access policies: "Manage collaborators" and "Edit project settings." Existing access levels from the original access policy are preserved in both new access policies.

Application Core

To create a seamless Benchling experience, our platform must be consistent, compliant and predictable. The Application Core provides the central capabilities platform to create a smoother user experience.

Per-user opt-out preferences for emails [2024.4.AC.1]

Individual users can now choose to opt out of organization membership event emails, Workflows task assignment and status change emails, and Study event emails.

Removed placeholder warnings for empty fields or spaces in config migration [2024.4.AC.2]

Users can now proceed with configuration migrations without warnings displaying for seemingly empty fields, as placeholder warnings have been removed.

Added Connection schemas and Request schemas to Tenant Migration report [2024.4.AC.3]

Users can now find Connection schemas and Request schemas in the Tenant Migration report, providing full visibility post-migration.

Developer Platform

Our developer platform is fundamental to centralizing and standardizing all your R&D data. Benchling’s APIs and Events are built to match the flexibility and speed of modern life science R&D.

Maximum connection limits for warehouse [2024.4.DP.1]

A maximum connection limit is now set for the warehouse to ensure availability for all users. This prevents a single user from consuming all connections.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed this cycle:

In Vivo

  • Incorrect number of animals were displayed for conditional tasks based on the tracking date
  • Cloning studies using treatments with dose units that were not mg/kg


  • Users couldn’t send entries for review when Outputs table was empty and tasks were in terminal states
  • Users couldn’t edit statuses of tasks in output submission confirmation modal
  • Live updating might not update the UI for every update when mapping a large number of tasks from one node to another
  • Icons got cut off in flowchart
  • Users couldn’t update the task group's folder via API

Application Core

  • Closed config migration auditing gap for schemas related to updating name, prefix, icon, warehouse name, container name template, embedded sql dashboard, and allow insert run from inbox
  • Closed config migration auditing gap for updating workflows names, warehouse names, and flowchart config
  • Config migration bug caused by race condition during upload
  • Closed config migration auditing gap for templates & subtemplates related to creation, updating template collection, and updating name

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