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Our Notebook AI can help you write and edit your notebook entries. Type a prompt, and our AI writes text that you can insert. It can help with things like:

  • Writing a protocol
  • Summarizing a notebook entry
  • Formatting your findings to match style guidelines

When you send our AI a prompt, it reads the text in your notebook entry, and responds based on your prompt, as well as what it reads there.

Note: Notebook AI is currently only available to tenants on Academic plans.

How to use our Notebook AI

  1. Open a notebook entry.
  2. Click AI tools and select Write using AI.
  3. Enter your prompt, then click Play to send the prompt to Benchling's AI. After the prompt is processed, the content written by the AI displays.
  4. Click Insert at the bottom of the window to insert it into your notebook entry.copilot_basic.gif

Example prompts

Try out these prompts:

  • Write a protocol for Gibson assembly
  • Write an introduction for this entry
  • Summarize the purpose of this experiment


AI-powered features can also make mistakes, and aren’t always predictable. In particular, our AI is not very good with arithmetic and calculations, and won't typically write content if it requires that. Always double-check the content our AI has written before using it in your notebook entry.

Your data is not stored outside of Benchling's infrastructure, and it will not be used to train or otherwise improve an AI model. For more information about security and privacy for AI-powered features in general, visit our AI security and privacy policy.

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