AI-Powered Features

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Some of Benchling's features are AI-powered, meaning that they use a large language model (LLM).

LLMs can understand plain English and generate content based on that, but there is a trade-off: they don't always act the same way (sometimes they'll behave differently with the same prompt), and they can make mistakes. Whenever you're using an AI-powered feature, double-check the results the AI suggests.

All of Benchling's AI-powered features are designed with this in mind. We will not create data or make changes without user approval, and we will always explain what data is AI-generated.

Right now we have two AI-powered features, both in beta release:

If you are interested in using either of these features, email

Your will never be used to train AI models, and it will never be sent to a third party without your consent. For more information, see security and privacy for LLMs and AI-powered features.

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