Adding descriptive text and tooltips to schema fields

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You can quickly access information about schema fields by adding tooltips. Tooltips are small pop-up windows that display when hovering over an indicator icon next to the item you want more information about. You can add descriptive text to schema field in the schema admin section.

Add descriptive text to schema fields

To add tooltips, you first need to add descriptive text to your schema fields. You can find the descriptive text field below each field title. Descriptive text displays as tooltips for:

  • Box schemas
  • Container schemas
  • Plate schemas
  • Registry schemas
  • Result schemas

Tooltip display

When schema fields have descriptive text, the tooltip icon displays when:

  • Creating a new entry or entity from the schema
  • Viewing the metadata of an entity from the schema
  • Viewing a Registration table created from the schema

You can access the tooltip by hovering over the i icon next to the field name or the column name in a Registration table.

You can also access the tooltip by hovering over the table column header.


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