Off-boarding team members

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There may come a time when a member of the team leaves the team or the company or no long requires access to the Benchling In Vivox software. The administrator who is suspending the access of this particular user should follow the steps below to ensure this process is efficient and there are no process gaps.

Off-boarding user accounts

Before suspending access:

  • Check if there are any active studies where this user is the only user granted Write access.
    • Ask this user to grant at least on other team member Write access to this study from the team section of the study settings

Suspending user accounts:

  • Go to the users section in manage team:
  • If the users role is administrator; Change role to Member using bulk actions
  • Use bulk action to suspend members

After suspending access:

  1. Review Requests and Reviews assignees
    • Go to Manage team > Studies > Requests/reviews
    • Click on the review name and click next to navigate to the assignees step.
    • Ensure that this Inactive user is replaced or removed as an assignee to a request or review.
2. Mark pending reviews and requests as complete on behalf of the inactive user if required.

What happens if a review or request is submitted with an inactive user in the assignee list?

In this situation the inactive member will not receive an email when the review/request is submitted and the review rules will be amended as follows:


  • A request can be marked as complete even when the request is unassigned.
  • Inactive assignees do not appear in the Assignee dropdown.


  • For Reviews where all reviews are required this review will automatically be completed on behalf of inactive users.
  • For Reviews where there is a chain of reviewers the inactive user will be skipped if they are in the middle of the chain and the review completed automatically if they are the last reviewer in the chain.
  • For reviews where a minimum number of reviews are required, this minimum number still applied therefore is a sufficient number of review cannot be achieved new reviews must be added ad hoc to the review.

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