Re-syncing tables in Benchling

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When data reflected in a structured table is updated outside of the table, it will not update.  Instead, the field, corresponding row and the table will be labeled with purple indicators.

If you wish to update the values in your table, you can click the refresh button and choose to refresh just the lookup values within the table or re-sync the entire table.  


Refreshing the lookup values will recompute all lookup columns in the table.  Re-syncing the table will resync all submitted rows in your table and not just cells with purple indicators.  There is currently no way to update specific out of date values, you would have to do that manually.

If your table has unsubmitted changes or formulas, they will be lost as part of the table re-sync.  In either case, Benchling will warn you prior to completing the action.  If you made a mistake and want to restore the prior state of the table, you can revert back the version of your entry in version history.  


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