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To connect devices and link these to the correct fields in your In vivo study click on the Devices icon at the bottom of the blue navigation bar. 



The study preset will be set according to the study that you have open automatically however you will need to manually set which device should be linked to the fields in this preset and if using a ID scanner this will be assigned to the search bar rather than a field in the preset. 


If no devices are connected to the browser tab:

  • Click connect device to open the browser connections box.
  • Select the device you need to connect from the list and click Connect 
  • Refresh the page and reopen the device connections setup.
  • If this device has already been configured by an administrator this will appear under the active preset field in device connections.

Contact your administrator to configure all new devices so that they can be connected to Benchling In Vivo. If the administrator experience issues connecting these devices please contact 


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When devices have been connected the icon below appears with the message "this tab is connected to a serial port" If there are multiple tabs open, ensure you are using the tab with this icon to utilize connected devices. 


Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 15.10.38.png

  • Devices that have been connected to the browser can be linked the device name will be selected in the dropdown and appear under the product and vendor ID on the left. 
  • Use the multi-select dropdown on the right to assign which fields this device needs to write to. 

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 14.44.16.png


Supported fields for linked devices

  • Workflow 
    • Assign IDs
    • Preset Measurements 
    • Weight at dosing 
    • Search Bar
  • Study animals table - Search
  • Study samples table - Search 
  • Study observations table - Search 

Fields not yet supported:

  • Study - Assign IDs
  • Colony - animal search or assign IDs 
  • Data tables - search or measurement capture
  • Collect samples - Enter sample weight or scan barcode into field. 




Issue  Explanation Next step
When clicking "connect device" no devices appear in the browser serial ports list
  • No devices are plugged in 
  • Device is turned off 
  • No internet connection

Plug in devices to the computer, ensure the devices have power and that computer is connected to the internet. 

Device name doesn't appear and the dropdown says "unselected" 
  • The product and vendor ID has not been set by admins when configuring the device settings

Selects the device from the device name dropdown 

Contact admin to have device configuration updated. 

No data is being transferred
  1. Device settings are incorrect
  2. This device has been connected to another browser tab
  3. The field you are hoping to use does not exist or is not supported 
  1. Contact vendor for accurate device settings
  2. Work from the Benchling tab showing the "connected to serial port icon"
  3. Contact benchling support to request support for this field. 


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