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In a Data table you can set up a guided flow around the table to aid you when collecting data. This is particularly useful when using scannable ID systems and connected lab devices to locate the animal row in the Data table and for automated capture data.

In this article we will discuss configuring, using and clearing navigation in your Data tables.


Configure Navigation

  • Click on the curly arrow icon in the tool bar called "configure navigation" This will open the Navigation setup modal to confirm the steps of your flow through the Data table.


  • The first step allows you to determine how you are moving through the animals (rows) in the table, either through scanning to find an animal or starting on a column which will automatically move you to the next animal (Row) at the end of this flow.

  • If you start on a column, use the dropdown to select an editable column that you will start on.


  • Next, confirm the following steps by selecting the columns in the desired order using the same dropdown menus.

  • Add new steps by clicking on the "add step" button.

  • When finished, click Save


Using Data tables navigation

  • Once you save a navigation setup you will see that it is active by the presence of a blue circle around the icon in the tool bar.

  • If you have selected scan ID, The search field will be displayed ready for you to scan the first animal and comment the flow.

  • If you have selected a column, click on the cell in this column for the first animal to start.

  • Clicking Enter or return on your keyboard or the record/data output button on a correctly set-up device will bring you to the next step of this flow.

  • For Timestamps clicking enter or Tab once will set the current time and a second time will move to the next step.

Note: At any time you can leave the navigation by clicking into a column that is not include in the navigation steps and then resume by clicking into a navigation configured column.



Amending and Clearing navigation


If at any time you want to amend or clear the navigation icon to reopen the setup modal.

  • To change the steps make the desired amendments and click save.

  • To set up a new flow or to stop the current flow, click on the Configure navigation button and click "clear setup" to disable.



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