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Presets are collections of measurements that are typically performed no more than once per day.

You can access Presets either when creating a study or from the Study Navigation bar under settings if a study has not been assigned a preset during study creation.

This section is only available to edit if measurements have not been recorded.

A list of available presets will appear on the left. Preset metrics will be on the right along with and relevant calculations.

To apply the preset to the study, click Save.

Learn more about the functionality and what presets are in this article.

If you need a new preset added to your tenant please fill in the following table and send this to benchling support.

Measurement name



Variable units


Weight (Required for all)





new measurement e.g Tumor volume

unit e.g mm³

formula e..g (Length*Width*Width)/2

Width (mm), Length (mm)

Add additional configuration such as auto swap.

new measurement






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