Registering Animals in the Vivarium

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Create cages and animals before they are enrolled in a study


Benchling In Vivo, Allows you to register cages and animals as they arrive in your vivarium before they have been assigned to a study. Keep track of all of the cages and animals in your facility through Colony.



To create cages and animals:

  • Click Add new

  • Define the number of cages to create

  • Enter the number of animals in each under population

  • Add metadata columns if additional cage information is required

  • Click Next to enter Animal details



  • Complete Sex and DOB for all animals

  • Add metadata columns if additional animal information is required

  • Click next.

  • Click Continue to create these cages and animals in your colony.


Note: You can copy and paste information into this table from a spreadsheet or use the dragging down a column or double clicking on the lower right hand corner of a cell to fill to the end of the column.



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