Accessing Team Management

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Admin have access to update the following sections under the Manage team icon, which is accessible from in the Benchling In Vivo navigation bar:

  • Users
  • Glossary
  • Studies
  • Integrations


From the Users section, individually or bulk select users and select the Actions menu to perform the following changes to the selected user accounts:

  • Activate
  • Suspend
  • Resend invitation
  • Revoke invitation
  • Change user role to admin or member


For more information about the glossary, visit our article on the glossary.


Edit templates related to studies.


Customize the study creation form for your team and create new forms here. Read more about custom study creation forms.


Create new reviews for studies and edit current reviews.


Create and edit study requests.

Cage Cards

Choose how cage cards are printed and which fields of metadata are included. Read more about cage cards.


Define what group metadata fields show during study creation and what is required by default.

Study Codes

Set up study codes templates for use in your research. 


Single-sign on

Enter your selected provider details to enable SSO. Read more about setting up single-sign on (SSO).

API Keys

View your API keys.

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