Creating Your First Study

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Designing and customizing an experiment to suit your research

  1. Log into your specific tenant, usually
  2. Click Create study from the study dashboard or use the + button in the blue side bar.
  3. Select a form template that has been previously configured by an In Vivo admin. 


Enter the study name and add an optional study description. Select a study code and study start date. 


Select the users who will require access to your study.

Write permissions allow total editing of the study: anything from measurements, observations and updates to the culling of animals and adding new team members are included. 

Read permissions only allow access to viewing data stored in a study. They cannot change, update or delete any records in the system. 

Study Metadata

Select the metadata specific to this study. 

Cages and animals

Select how many cages and specify the cage contents.

Groups & Treatments

Refer to this article for more information on managing study groups and treatments.

Select a Preset (optional)

If you are recording daily measurements (for example, weights or tumor volumes) select the relevant preset here. If you require a preset that is not in the list, please let us know use the Live chat for urgent requests.


Click the Add Alert button to create a new alert. Select the relevant metric and follow the simple dropdown options. You can create as many alerts as you need.


If you want to use the Benchling In Vivo task system, select from a pre-existing template or create a new template. Learn more about task management.


Attach files or add URL links to external file management systems such as Sharepoint or to your Benchling ELN entry for this study.


Confirm the details that were entered and create your study. Then click create to finalize the creation of your study.

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