Managing folder collaborators and access

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Note: This feature is currently in limited availability. If you don’t have access to manage folder collaborators, contact Customer Support to request access.

In addition to project-level permissions, permissions can be set at the folder level. Admins can use folder-level permissions to grant users access to folders without granting them access to an entire project. 

Folder permissions stack onto project permissions, meaning folders and objects adopt the most permissive access policies. Folders can never be less permissive than their parent project. For example, if a user is granted Read access on a project but is granted Write access on a folder in that project, the user will have Write access on the folder and its contents (and Read access to everything else in the Project). We recommend applying the least permissive access policies to projects and granting additional access to their contained folders, as needed. 

Set folder permissions 

  1. In the left-side menu, click the briefcase icon to access your projects and folders.
    1. If a user has access to a folder but not the parent project, only the folder displays in the Projects tab of the workspace.
  2. Select the desired folder, then click the gear icon next to the folder name.
  3.  Click Manage access.
  4. Add new collaborators in the top search bar by searching for user, team, organization or app. Specify the level of permission that should be granted to the user in the right dropdown and click add.  
  5. Update permissions for existing users in the Collaborators section using the dropdowns under Access Policies. Click Done to save changes. 
  6. Remove users from the folder entirely by clicking the icon next to the user, team, organization, or app.  

Folder permission levels

For each collaborator (user or group of users), set a permission level. The table below describes the actions each permission level can take.

Collaborator action None Read Append Write Admin
View entries and data in a folder
Create entries and data in a folder
Edit entries in a folder ✔ if author
Update project permissions 
Create or move entities into a folder 
Archive, unregister or edit entity metadata 

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