Dosing in Workflow

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Once you have setup Treatments in your study and configured your Workflow session with this information, you are able to start Dosing animals.


Dosing setup

  • Treatments that have been created in your study design appear in a muli-select dropdown.

  • Select the treatments that are relevant for dosing today

  • Decide whether you want to skip the dosing step for animals not requiring dosing

  • Enable new body weight recording in the situation when the weight at dosing differs from the recorded body weight for that day.

  • Set the after saving behavior to reflect the next step, either to move to another step or to the next animal.


Skip dosing option

This option is particularly useful when carrying out a workflow involving body weight measurement followed by dosing. In this example with the skip dosing option enabled where an animal does not require dosing with one of the selected treatments in the dosing setup page, the user will be taken from measurements directly to measurements for the next animal without seeing the dosing screen.


Note when using this option for a dosing only workflow the user will be taken to the next animal requiring a treatment so be careful to check which animal is now being displayed. Filtering animals by study group in workflow will further streamline this process.



Administering treatment doses to animals

Hint: You will only be able to record weight dependent treatments against animals if there is an existing Weight measurement on the animal. Without this, we can't calculate the necessary concentrations and volumes needed to complete the treatment.


In Workflow, click the first animal to be treated and select the Dosing tab at the top. Depending on the study group of the animal, the relevant treatments will be displayed.


Depending on your treatment method, you will see information such as dose, stock concentration and dose volume. These fields will all be pre-populated with the correct calculations performed; however, you can modify the information which will automatically update the other fields.


All doses can also have comments recorded at the time of dosing.


When you confirm that the treatment has been administered, it will show on the treatment history audit trail on the right side of the page.


Using new body weight

When the dose calculation needs to be carried out using a body weight that differs for the weight that has already been captured for that animal today you the "use new bodyweight" toggle to enable this feature in workflow setup under dosing.


When dosing a new field will appear at the top of the form for you to record a new body weight to be used to calculate dose volume/concentration.


This new weight will only be used for dose calculations and will not impact your study data visualization or reports. Instead you will find this exported in your dosing summary alongside dose information.


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