Alerts in Workflow

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Depending on the alert type that is defined in the Alerts section in study settings, the

user will be notified in one of two ways:


1. Obtrusive Popup


A popup will be displayed every time a new measurement is saved exceeding the condition of a critical Alert. This stops the workflow forcing the user to close out the popup to continue recording measurement.


Note: An alert can be resolved at this point or after from the banner in the measurements section. This will remove the alert from view for all team members, this action can be reversed by clicking Undo in workflow or in the animal alerts history.



2. Temporary Banner


A timed banner will be displayed every time a new measurement is saved exceeding the condition of a warning. This will disappear after a few seconds and so will not disrupt the workflow.



Using filters to review and action all animals with alerts


Any cages containing animals in workflow with unresolved alerts are located by the presence of a small red circle before the cage/animal name.


At any stage of your workflow you can apply a filter to all study animals to only display animals with active/unresolved alerts. The number of animals with unresolved alerts is displayed in a red circle beside the Study name, once clicked this will apply this filter.


Note: this same filter can be applied using the Filter dropdown menu in workflow and in the animals table.



What does it mean to resolve an alert?

Once users no longer need to be informed of an alert, it can be Resolved, removing any notification of this alert from view, displaying it in the Alerts history of the animal only.


Examples of when to resolve an alert:

  • Study milestone has been met (E.g. tumor size is sufficient for enrollment into the study, animal has been assigned to study group, alert is resolved)

  • Welfare issue has been resolved (E.g warning notification of body weight change, animal diet changed, animal body weight increases, alert is resolved)

    Note: in this example you may want to set up a recurring alert so that the user is alerted if the same issue occurs again later in the study.

  • Study endpoint is reached (E.g, animal has exceeded study endpoint threshold or welfare threshold and must be Euthanized, alert is Resolved)


Note: Once an alert is resolved it will not be displayed for ANY user anywhere in the study and will not be included in the alert filter in the animal table or workflow.


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