Mark as deceased

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When an animal is euthanized or found dead, you will need to update this status within your study.


Prior to starting, ensure that an administrator in your team has selected relevant deceased terminology from within the Benchling In Vivo Glossary. Available options include:


  • Euthanized

  • Found dead

  • Not found

  • Other


You can change the status of an animal to deceased in two ways.


Firstly, if you are only changing the status of one animal, we recommend doing this through the animal profile. Identify the relevant animal in the Animal table and click the ID to access the animal profile.


You will see an Actions button at the top of the screen. Click this button and select "Mark as deceased". From here you can change the date, reason and leave an additional comment.


Click "Save" to confirm.


Assign multiple animals as deceased

Alternatively, if you are planning to change the status of a number of animals at the same time, it can be done as a bulk action. In the animals table, select the relevant animals and click "Mark as deceased" in the Bulk Actions menu. Confirm the date and reason for each animal and click "Continue" to save.

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