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Learn how to setup review templates for use across your team

The review feature is used by teams who want to review study information prior to approving the study to commence.


To do this, you first need to create the review processes within your Manage Team section.


Creating Review Templates

In the Manage Team section, click Studies in the secondary navigation bar, then click Reviews. This will show you a table of existing Review templates in your team.


To create a new Review, click the Create new review button.




Enter your Review name and use the radio buttons to select the studies it will apply to.


If the review is dependent on a separate review process occurring first, use the dependency dropdown to select the relevant template. Your team members will need to complete the dependency review process prior to commencing the one you are creating.


You also have the option to add Metadata conditions that need to match for the review process to trigger. Click the Add condition button and use the dropdown to select a study or project metadata field. Then enter the value that needs to be entered by the user for the review process to trigger. You can add multiple conditions and specify if all or any need to match for the review to activate after the study is created.


Alternatively, you can progress without creating metadata conditions. In this case, the review will trigger for all studies / internal studies / external studies (depending on your selection).




Search and select the people in your company who have the authority to approve this review process. After selecting all relevant reviewers, you can then define the rules for this process. These options are:


  • All reviews are required, but can be in any order.

    • All of the people you selected will have to approve the review for the study to commence. This can be done in any order.

  • All reviews are required and in a specific order.

    • All of the people you selected will have to approve the review for the study to commence. This must be done in the order you define. To change the order, drag and drop the name of each person to the desired location.

  • A minimum number of reviews are required

    • A specific number of people must approve the review for the study to commence. Enter the number into the number field.

Review form


Use this section to create a form that must be filled in by users if the review process triggers in their study. You can use the following field types:

  • Group title - Use this to define a new section of fields.

  • Text - A basic text field

  • Long text - A longer text field suitable for capturing lengthly responses

  • Select - A field that enables users to select from a list of provided options

  • Multi-select - A field that enables users to select multiple options

  • Date - A basic date field



This will confirm the information you have entered. Click Save and create to create the review template.


Editing a Review Template

To edit a review template, simply click on the review name in the Manage Team section.


Deleting a Review Template

In the Reviews table, select the review template you want to delete using the checkboxes. Click Actions and click Delete.


Please note that you can't delete reviews that have been listed as a dependency for other reviews. You must first remove the dependency.

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