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Unique IDs with distinct prefixes and counts are sometimes used to manage differing study types within an organization. For example; an organization with separate teams conducting behavioral studies and metabolic studies may want separate counts whereby the former receives an ID in the format BHV-001, and the later CMD-001.


To manage the available IDs that will be assigned at study creation administrators can create Study code templates in Manage team and define the key components of each study code template.


Creating a Study code template

Follow the steps below to create and manage these templates as an administrator:

  • Navigate to Study codes under studies in the manage team section of your tenant.

  • Click "Create Study code"

  • Give this template a descriptive title to be displayed when the user is creating a study to guide them to the correct code for this study type.

  • Use the Add component buttons to build the template in the correct order.

    • Text (optional): Used to enter static text to be included in the study code.

    • Year (optional) : Used to insert the current year into the study code in either YY or YYYY format.

    • Sequence (required): This is used to determine the next sequential number for new studies of the same template

      • Confirm the first number under "Begin count from: " This will be the number given to the next study created using this template and will count sequentially for each subsequent study.

      • Select if this should continue to count sequentially despite a year change or if the count should return to 1 at the start of each year.

  • Review the preview of the code template

  • Click 'x' on a component chip to remove and replace.

  • Click save


Editing a template

The Title and count behavior of a study code template can be changed at any time by clicking on the title.


If the checkbox for "reset sequence on year" is not checked, this template will apply a continuous count at the change of the year. To change this check this box and click save. When checked the count will return to 1 at the beginning of each year.




Assigning a study code to a new study

  • When only one template exists this will be applied automatically for each new study created.

  • For multiple code template options, when creating a new study you will see a dropdown displaying the titles of all available templates for your organisation which must be selected to proceed to the next step of the form.

  • Once selected a preview is displayed to ensure that this is the correct code for this study type.

  • This cannot be changed after the study is created so review this carefully at the study creation summary before each new study is created.

Once a study is created this Study code cannot be edited or reused if the Study is deleted. If you need this corrected in your tenant please contact

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