Collect samples in bulk

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To collect a sample from many animals at once:

  1. Select the animals from the animals table
  2. Click Collect Samples in the bulk action menu

3. Select the sample type from the dropdown

4. Complete any additional fields which need to be applied to every sample created. Note: this information will be able to be entered for each sample individually in the next step

5. Click Next.

6. Confirm the details are correct or make any amendments required in the table view.



7. Click Save and Finish to save these samples.


If you would like to collect another sample from these animals click Save and collect another to start the process again for another sample.


Note: Once saved, each animal will have one sample created which is shown in the animal profile and in the study and team samples sections. These samples will have a unique ID automatically generated for them.



Edit and delete samples

If any of the sample information needs to be edited or the sample needs to be deleted, this can be carried out in a number of ways:


1. Amending individual samples from workflow or animal profile.


  • Click on the Animal name from the animals or samples tables

  • Navigate to the Samples tab

  • Click on ... to reveal the actions menu

  • Click Edit or Delete from this menu.


2. Amending or deleting samples in bulk 
  • Navigate to the samples page of your study 
  • (optional) filter and sort the table to find and order the relevant samples to edit/delete

NOTE: you cannot edit multiple sample types at the same time, use filters to refine your selection by type

  • Select the samples using the check boxes on the left of the table
  • Use the bulk actions menu to edit sample details or delete

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